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Get your business on the first page of Google instantly and showcase products or services to relevant users on Facebook and Instagram. Paid ads provide your business with quick and measurable results.

Generate Leads & Revenue

Are you searching for a way to drive sales quickly? Google and Facebook provide the perfect ad platforms to attract new users. Create the best funnel and lead your customers from discovery to purchase.

Measurable ROI

It isn't easy to track return on investment with traditional advertising methods such as radio and print. Google & Facebook provide transparency and results when correctly set up and optimized.

Tracking & Reporting

We set up tracking methods such as Google Analytics and Facebook Pixel. These tools allow us to continually analyze and optimize ad campaigns to convert while providing simple reporting.

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Instantly Boost Traffic

Attract new customers with Google and Facebook advertising

Google Search and Facebook (including Instagram) are amazing platforms to target new customers. With Google Ads, you will be capturing consumers seeking specific products or services. Facebook and Instagram act as discovery platforms; while users may not be searching, we can target user habits and profiles.

Ad Management

Starting from just
99 Setup Fee
  • Ad Management Includes
  • Keyword & Competitor Research
  • Ad Account Setup (If Required)
  • Google Analytics or Facebook Pixel Setup
  • Ad Campaign Setup & Optimization
  • Ad Copy & Asset Creation
  • Tracking, Reporting & Analysis
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Ornamental Stone

Driving website traffic and revenue through SEO and Google Ads.


Phamtastic Nails & Spa

Custom website and search engine optimization to drive traffic and create leads.


Amato Gelato

Custom designed website plus SEO, PPC Ads and Social Media Management to generate leads and and orders.


Measure Your Results

Determining the return on investment (ROI) using traditional methods of advertising is almost impossible, outside of tracking coupon codes. Digital advertising allows detailed metrics to ensure each ad campaign is profitable. A proper setup will enable detailed analysis for each step of the funnel. We can determine the cost of driving customers to your business and track the effectiveness of conversion (leads and sales).

Google & Facebook Advertising

Quickly target new customers through Google PPC and Facebook Ads

Digital advertising has become one of the most effective means to reach new audiences. With the rise of services like Spotify and Netflix, consumers are no longer exposed to ads on the radio or TV as often. Physical advertising methods such as print or signage are mostly ineffective, providing a poor return on investment.

With most consumers seeking out new products and services on Google, it is a huge opportunity for businesses to target. Facebook and Instagram are great channels for brand discovery and allow deeper audience targetting than any other platform. Effective Google and Facebook Ad strategies can generate traffic, leads, and sales. 

At Click Peaks, our Google PPC and Facebook ad campaigns have proven to be effective. Connect with our experts today and take the first step towards accelerating the growth of your business.

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Our Proven PPC & Facebook Ads Strategy

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Understanding your target market

The first step is to determine what products or services you are trying to sell, and who you are trying to sell them to. Our team will then research keywords to determine the estimated cost-per-click and monthly search volumes. This will give us a picture of the required ad budget needed for your campaign.

Getting ready for lift-off

If required, we will set up ad accounts for each platform; including Google Analytics or Facebook Pixel, and linked to your website. From here we will set up ad campaigns related to each product or service you are looking to sell. The final level is the ads themselves, we will create effective ad copy and assets (graphics, images, etc.).

Narrow the focus and stick with what works

To start, it is best to cast a wide net to ensure no opportunity is missed. Some keywords will perform better than others, and it is important to constantly monitor performance. Variations in ad copy (text), assets (images/graphics) and landing pagings will also affect results. We are always testing and tweaking to ensure your ad budget is effectively allocated.

Providing you with actionable insights

We have created a custom data dashboard to summarize the most relevant information about your ad campaigns. This is provided monthly but is available on-demand as it is live data. In addition to tracking ad metrics, this data can help you further understand your audience. Each quarter, your Account Manager will schedule a touch-base to take a deeper dive into the results.

Questions & Answers

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Essentially, you pay to place your ads on popular platforms such as Google Search or Facebook. On Google, you will pay for each ad click… and on Facebook, the cost is based on impressions (views). Ads are the first part of the funnel; the end goal is to turn clicks into leads and sales!


If you need to instantly generate traffic and leads for your business, PPC is one of the best solutions. You can easily reach customers searching for products and services on Google or target specific audiences on Facebook for discovery.


The main cost of your PPC campaign will be paid per click (Google) or view (Facebook). Depending on your needs, there will be a setup fee to get started, plus a monthly management fee to track and optimize the campaigns.

Creating ads and having users click them, is only half the battle. To create profitable Google or Facebook ad campaigns, a quality landing page is essential. A landing page will ensure you can effectively convert clicks into leads and sales.

Google Analytics and the Facebook Pixel, allow us to dig into the details of your ad campaign. There are two sides to this, measurement of the ad effectiveness and determining the Return-On-Ad-Spend (ROAS).