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Ornamental Stone

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The Challenge

About Ornamental Stone

A landscape supplier catering to both contractors and homeowners. Their product offering includes garden supplies like soil and decorative rock, along with building materials such as natural stone and precast concrete blocks.

Operating in a highly competitive market with a seasonal selling window is difficult. Ornamental Stone had the right mix of assortment, pricing, and service but struggled to attract new customers.

Digital Marketing Needs

Their online presence was negligible and having just revamped the website in 2018, the owner realized it was time to find a digital marketing firm in Calgary for help.

We determined the biggest online opportunity for Ornamental Stone was to target homeowners. This would be done through a comprehensive blend of search engine optimization, social media posting, and paid ads.

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The Results

Achieving success

By cementing their digital presence across all channels locally and improving user experience, Ornamental Stone has experienced massive growth year-over-year. A larger blend of online orders has allowed the business to improve efficiency and reduce operating costs.

Organic Traffic
+ 0 %
Weekly Visitors
+ 0
Conversion Rate
+ 0 %
eCommerce Sales
+ 0 %
Google Ad Clicks
0 X
Social Engagement
+ 0 %

Website & Content Overhaul

#1 Google Rankings

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The Solution

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Our first step for any SEO strategy is a deep dive into the client’s website. Here we ensure the website follows proper structure to be crawled by search bots and optimize for speed. Next we will create unique and relevant content related to the product offering.

SEO is a great strategy to generate long-term growth for a business. Google rewards websites with unique and informative content by ranking them higher in the search results.

Social media is an excellent platform for creating brand awareness and consumer trust. By posting consistent content, we can keep people engaged across every channel.

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