Core Digital Marketing Services

Create and grow your online footprint.

Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimization

Drive traffic and sales for your small business without the high costs of a traditional SEO campaign.
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Custom Websites

Web Design & Development

Create your digital footprint. A website is the most effective way to drive traffic and sales to your business.
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Digital Advertising

Google & Facebook Ads

Paid ads are a great way to instantly boost targeted traffic to your site!
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Social Media

Social Media Management

Build relationships with customers where they spend their time online, social media!
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Ecommerce Solutions

Showcase and sell your products online! We also have options for service-based businesses.

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Free Analysis & Audit

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Free SEO Analysis

Wonder how your current website measures up? Use our free tool and receive a report instantly! We are always available to discuss your results.

Click Peaks will help grow your business

Digital Footprint

Is your business visible on Google? Don't let your business fall behind. It is essential to ensure you have a strong digital presence across every digital channel.

Brand Awareness

Keep your brand at the front of everyone's mind. A great website and consistent activity will allow your business to thrive and take advantage of every opportunity.

Leads & Revenue

Take advantage of consumers seeking out the goods or services sold by your business. Ensure your brand is visible across search and social media platforms.

Transparent Metrics

Track your return on investment. Compared to traditional forms of advertising, digital marketing allows for detailed tracking of metrics and results.

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Our Results

Learn how we can help grow your business

Ornamental Stone

Driving website traffic and revenue through SEO and Google Ads.


Phamtastic Nails & Spa

Custom website and search engine optimization to drive traffic and create leads.


Amato Gelato

Custom designed website plus SEO, PPC Ads and Social Media Management to generate leads and and orders.


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We have helped dozens of small businesses grow their digital footprint. Get an idea of how we can help your business.

Digital Solutions For Any Industry

Grow your brand's online footprint

Generating Leads For

We specialize in getting your business online and at the forefront of every digital channel. Click Peaks can help you generate leads through SEO, Paid Advertising, Social Media, and more! Convert your leads into sales by providing optimal user experience. We can integrate appointment booking and live chat into your website.

Technical Marketing Services For

Professional industries require specialized plans to drive success and remain compliant with regulations. We have experience across multiple professional industries and can adapt to suit your needs. Click Peaks can help drive client and patient bookings to your business.

Driving Revenue For

Whether you sell products from a physical storefront or are already leveraging Ecommerce, Click Peaks will provide solutions to increase revenue.  Ecommerce sales metrics can accurately be linked to Ad Campaigns and SEO data to provide valuable insights for your business.

A Strong Digital Presence

Leveraging the opportunity that digital channels provide is a driving force behind the success of any small business. Most products and services are found through searches on Google or discovery on social media platforms. Services like Search Engine Optimization can put your website on the first page of Google search results and benefit from the organic traffic that rank provides. If your business needs an immediate boost, then consider Pay-Per-Click advertising; this can help immediately level the playing field against your competitors.

Our Company

Helping our clients create and grow their digital footprint

Our passion is results, and we strive to ensure your business succeeds. Click Peaks is the digital solutions expert, leveraging technology to increase web presence and generate leads for our clients. With a wealth of experience in Website Design, Search Engine Optimization, and Pay Per Click Ads, our team is well equipped to help grow your brand. Connect with one of our experts today and learn how to create and expand your business’s digital footprint.

Our Principles

We strive to provide the best experience for our clients


Leveraging subject matter experts and efficient internal processes


Providing transparency through communication, tracking and metrics


Constant evolution to take advantage of changing market opportunities


Our passion is results and return a positive ROI for your business

Our Experience

Crafting innovative digital solutions for our clients

Website Design & Development

We create intuitive and responsive websites to impress your customers

Search Engine Optimization

We are experts in getting your brand on the first page of Google

Pay Per Click Ads

We create engaging ads to optimize ad spend and increase conversions

Ecommerce Solutions

We can get your products and services online and ready to sell

Social Media Management

We generate engaging content to attract and inform your followers

Connect with an expert right now

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Our Simple Process

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Getting to know eachother

The first step to any positive relationship is to gain understanding. At Click Peaks, we recognize that technical expertise is just a part of our success; the main driver is the ability to understand our client’s business and industry. After our initial onboarding process, we will start research and discovery. This involves keyword analysis and a deep study of the competitive landscape. Once we have a good overview, it is time to begin creating a strategy and plan.

Planning for success

Once we have taken a deep dive into your business and industry, we are equipped to start building a digital strategy. The specific plan of action will depend on the type of service we are performing for your business, but in general, we follow a similar process. Using our keyword research, we will start to align popular keywords with high search volume to your products and services. At this point, we can form a content plan; Google and various social platforms are known to reward unique and engaging content.

Ready for launch

Whether we are building a new website, implementing search engine optimization, or creating a digital ad campaign, the next step is to implement out plan. In a digital world, the market is constantly evolving and that means we must adapt to stay relevant. The work does not stop after we launch, continuous optimization is required to ensure the success of our strategy and your business. Through constant monitoring analysis we may spot new trends, opportunities, and gain insight into what is not working.

Transparent results guaranteed

Compared to traditional forms of advertising such as print, radio, and signage, digital marketing allows detailed tracking of every metric. For example, outside of tracking coupon codes, it is almost impossible to trace your return on investment on sending out print flyers. With Google Pay-Per-Click ads, we can leverage Google Analytics to track every step of the funnel; from impressions to clicks, to purchase behaviour on your website (depending on platform). Our SEO and PPC services include a Customized Data Dashboard to summarize all these insights and our team is on-call to keep you informed.