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Increase Customer Engagement With An Effective Social Media Strategy

Grow Your Online Presence

Ensure your business is represented across all social media channels. Social media is an excellent platform for consumers to discover new products and services.

Create Brand Awareness

Generate buzz and keep your brand at the front of everyone's mind. Social media offers the opportunity to connect with new and existing target audiences.

Engage Your Customers

Develop customer loyalty by responding to feedback and inquiries. Social media gives businesses the ability to connect and create trust with their clients.

Generate Leads

Keep customers in the loop with the latest features and offers. Social media is a great discovery platform, as it doesn't always rely on searches.

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Keeping a consistent social media schedule is a challenge for small businesses

That’s where Click Peaks comes in. After our kick-off and onboarding process, we will be able to create an effective content strategy for your business across all social channels.

We offer easy and modular packages to get your business firing on every cylinder. Connect with us today to see what type of plan we can build for you. Bundle our Social Media Management packages with Paid Ad Management to amplify your reach and generate leads or sales.

Social Media Management

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  • Social Media Packages Include
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  • Account & Page Setup
  • Custom Content Calendar
  • Post Creation - Copy, Assets & Hashtags
  • Post Scheduling
  • Tracking, Reporting & Analysis
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Social Media Management

Engage your customers and expand your audience

Did you know that two out of three Canadians are active social media users? These days, it is important to maintain a presence across major social media channels. By leveraging social media, your business can increase exposure to new customers and engage with existing ones.

Consistent activity is the key to success when it comes to engaging your followers. We understand the challenges a small business will face when trying to keep up with social media continually. Increasing headcount may not be in the budget, and tasking existing employees can reduce efficiency. 

At Click Peaks, our social media strategies are proven to be effective. We can offer our clients managed social media packages at an affordable rate driven by our efficient internal processes, software, and expertise. Request a consultation today and learn how we can help grow your business with social media management solutions.

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Creating Awareness To Drive Leads & Sales

Each business is unique and should have a social media strategy to match. Nothing beats an organic and active social media page, but this can be hard to balance for most small businesses. Let us do the heavy lifting; posting unique and consistent content across your social media pages. We can help leverage the power of your brand with the end goal of growth. Our tools allow us efficiently post across multiple platforms, plus track metrics across posts and pages. Constant monitoring and analysis will enable us to tweak strategies to create content that engages followers through monitoring and analysis.

Our Results

Learn how we can help generate brand awareness

Ornamental Stone

Driving website traffic and revenue through SEO and Google Ads.


Phamtastic Nails & Spa

Custom website and search engine optimization to drive traffic and create leads.


Amato Gelato

Custom designed website plus SEO, PPC Ads and Social Media Management to generate leads and and orders.


Questions & Answers

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Click Peaks will handle creating and scheduling organic content for your social media pages so that you can focus on your business. We leverage the right social media platforms to build your brand and increase customer awareness & engagement. Depending on your business’s needs, we can post consistent content across platforms at a lower cost than managing internally. 
Given the number of people who use social media every day, not being active is a missed opportunity. The main goal of posting on social media is to increase brand awareness and connect with your customers. An effective strategy for social media will create awareness, traffic and growth for your business.

In short, no. Some social channels may be more effective than others, depending on your business and industry. While there are prominent platforms like Facebook and Instagram, we’ll help you identify the right ones and create winning strategies. 


This depends on the needs of your business and available budget. Our SMM packages are modular, and we offer excellent entry price points to get started. Click Peaks has spent years developing an efficient process, and our packages will cost you much less versus handling internally.

While brand awareness is intangible, you will see the engagement with your pages and posts grow. Our SMM packages include detailed reporting across major social channels. We can track the metrics of both pages and posts.